About Me

Romantic CrafterHi, my name is Phill and I’m in love.

All good things come to those who wait. At the age of 52 on the 3rd of October 2015, I married my true love, Lisa.

Nearly 2 years later I have noticed something that confounds me. She can remember things I said to her 21 years ago but she needs constant reminding that I love her!

This is my solution… I’m going to make/craft something that says “I Love you” on it for her weekly, just to let her know and to remind her.

I am documenting my crafting ideas not to say “Look at me aren’t I good!” but to share and so inspire you to also tell the love of your life “I Love You”.

Both myself and my wife are romantics at heart, however, I’m not sure how to be romantic… I’ve done many romantic things but not on purpose!

I would love to set out and purposely do something romantic… not just get lucky and find that what I did was romantic. This is my journey just to find out exactly what romance is.

I’ll be making videos and tutorials that I will post both here on RomanticCrafter.com and also YouTube and FaceBook.

As I find romantic things that inspire and move me I’ll add it to my site, hopefully this site will become your first stop for romantic ideas.

The Romantic Crafter needs your help

I’m looking for Ideas, have you done something romantic or has someone done/made something romantic for you?

Or if you have a story please Email it to me and I’ll share it here on this site and if possible I’ll also make a video…  Contact me here