Easy to make Copper Wire figure

Why did I make a copper wire figure?

I made my copper wire figure by chance rather than design. I had seen on Pinterest photos of nuts and bolt figures and decided that I could make one of those and make it romantic by adding my message of love.

Copper wire figure with message

I believed I could just simply solder the nuts and bolts together no problem… But in practice I could not get any bits to stick together. I later found out that in the images I’d seen they had been welded together!

Now I know for a fact that I could solder copper wire, so I then tried soldering lengths of copper wire to the nuts and bolts… Again failure. Feeling that there was something wrong with the solder I then soldered the wire to itself.

Success… Which means I’m rubbish at soldering!

OK, I thought “let’s make a soldered wire figure”. But as I cut the wire to size and was measuring up, I realised that I didn’t need any soldering to make this wire figure.

How to make a wire figure. Click here
Was this wire figure a success?. Click here

This is how I made the copper wire figure body.

How to make a wire figure.

making copper wire head

I first started in the middle of the wire and made a “head” by folding the wire over my finger and twisting the wire to make the head.

Coper wire figure head and body

I then continued twisting the wire to make a body

Copper wire figure feet

Now to make the legs I roughly measured the length of the body and head together to give me the leg and foot length.

Using round nosed pliers, I made a loop for the feet.

Copper wire figure insert arms

Taking a separate length of wire, I threaded it through the top twist in the wire just below the head, and twisted these “arms” once around the body to hold it in place.

Using the round-nosed pliers, I made loops for the hands.

Next, I made shoulders and hips to make the figure more human like.

Finished copper wire figure

All that was left was to bend the wire limbs to make it look like it was sat down.

Finally, I added my message… Clamped fast in the loop “hand”.

Was my wire figure messenger a success?

I then left my copper wire figure on the end of a table for Lisa to find and left the building.

Later I came home to find Lisa taking photos of my wire figure messenger to share it on social media… so, Lisa was impressed by my quick and easy to make wire art.

It now resides on top of the TV in full sight for all to see… This means that as Lisa is keeping my little arts and crafts so I’m going to have to up my game and make my future projects a little more polished and presentable for all to see.

I hope you have liked my tutorial on “making a wire figure“, for more romantic crafting ideas check out my next romantic message with a DIY Sharpie mug Tutorial. Or you can find a list of all my Romantic crafting projects and crafting tips here

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