Plaster Craft. How to make a Plaster of Paris Pillow Candle Holder

Plaster of Paris pillow candle holder

I recently made a romantic plaster of Paris pillow candle holder for Lisa my wife. It is easy to make and a great first plaster craft project for everyone.

This is a great DIY plaster craft project for beginners and children as this T-light plaster pillow is very easy to make with little or no mess. This project requires no specialist tools nor do you need to be an expert to have great results.

It will make a great addition to any table or as a gift. In my case, I made it into a romantic gesture for my wife with great results.

Items you need to make a Plaster Pillow. Click here
How to make a plaster pillow. Click here
How to paint on Plaster of Paris. Click here

See below the video of my full experience of making this Plaster of Paris candle holder including tips and problems I encounter. Included is Lisa’s reaction to this romantic gift.

Or if you prefer a quick shortened video just showing “How to make a Plaster of Paris Pillow candle holder.”

Items you will need to make the plaster candle pillow

What you need to make the plaster candle pillow:

  • Plastic zip-tie bag
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Water
  • Mixing bowl/container/cup
  • Mixing spatula/spoon/stick
  • Candle(s)
  • Paint
  • PVA glue or Mod Podge

How to make a Plaster pillow.

We are wanting to make enough plaster to 1/2 to 3/4 fill the plastic bag.

Add the water to the bowl. When mixing wet and dry materials I’ve always been taught to add dry products to wet

Add plaster of Paris to the water and mix well. You are looking for a consistency of thick porridge so you are just about able to pour the mix into the plastic bag. (if you make it too thick add a little water or if it’s too thin add plaster)

Plaster of Paris mix

Squeeze the bag until the plaster mix reaches the zip-tie (you want to remove as much air as possible) then fasten the bag.

Lay the bag flat on your worktop and pat the bag. This will bring air bubbles to the top, when no more new bubbles appear, flip the bag over and you should have a bubble free surface.

Press candle into plaster of Paris

Gently press the candle into the surface of the bag. Press down until the candle has made an indentation into the plaster and you are getting folds in the plastic. (Do not press down to the bottom of the bag)

Hold the candles in place until the plaster holds it’s shape. (If you made a thin plaster to water mix this may take a while)

Leave the plaster to harden. (about 1-2 hours). The plaster will get hot to the touch and then cool down. Once cool the plaster has set.

Pull Plaster craft from bag

Carefully remove the plastic bag. (You may have to rip the bag to get it off)

Remove any flashing (bits of plaster that made it past the zip-tie). You should be able to do this with your fingers or a blunt knife) and leave to dry (12 to 24 hours).

Once dry you are able to start decorating.

How to paint on Plaster of Paris

I painted mine with acrylic paint and I’ll show you the technique I used.

First the plaster has to be “sized” This will stop the finished acrylic paint from pealing off and make it easier to apply. You can use any water based paint (I used household wall paint) mix it 50/50 with water then paint all over the plaster with this paint mix.

Allow to dry, this will be very quick, and this should be good enough to start painting on however I gave my plaster model a 2nd coat.

Just before I started to use with the acrylic paint I first brushed the area to be painted with a little water as this makes the acrylic paint “flow” better and not immediately “stick” to the plaster.

Plaster of Paris candle holder

Once you are happy with the painted plaster of Paris candle holder you can take it to the next level and finish it with a coat of neat PVA glue or Mod Podge. This will make you’re art work stand out and make the plaster candle holder more durable.

I do hope I have inspired you to make this easy plaster craft candle pillow, and it gives you as much fun and satisfaction to make as it did me.

I Hope you have enjoyed my post on making a plaster Pillow. If you wish for more romantic crafts take a look at my next project; Wine bottle painting. Or you can find a list of all my Romantic crafting projects and crafting tips here

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