Possibly a new direction for my blog and videos

I’m disappointed with myself. My plan was to make 1 video and 1 supporting blog each week, but already only 3 weeks into my project I know that this week I’m going to fail.

It’s Monday and I’ve not started my next romantic crafting project. In fact, my next planned video isn’t a new romantic crafting gift for my wife, but actually a test for making my Sharpie mugs better!

Not only that but I’m also thinking about widening my niche to include making money with my crafting hobby… That’s more videos and more blogs and I’m already behind my schedule.

I’m conflicted… Should I just concentrate on making romantic messages for Lisa and have a bit of fun or follow my dream and make crafting and all that is involved into (hopefully) a full-time job to replace my current one.

I must admit that now I’ve got a blog and video channel, that I do want views and subscribers and to get those I must make videos and posts on what people want or need… not just of me having crafting fun.

As I’m writing this it’s making me properly think instead of dreaming. I must as a new blog and YouTube channel prioritise my time and effort into just one direction and goal… And that is my YouTube channel and making crafting videos.

Yes, just do the crafting videos and possibly supporting blogs and leave the making money videos on the back burner for later until I have more experience, a routine, and therefore time to expand into making money videos.

Lol… I’m looking at this and now thinking that I might do more blogs like this as a kind of diary… I must Concentrate!

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