Romantic Crafter has finally started.

I’m shocked to find out how long I have had this site and therefore the idea of crafting romantic messages and I’ve not done much about it.

I actually did make a start. Over a year ago I made some heart bookmarks but I was so disappointed by my skill in crafting that I thought my idea of making love notes while a good one was not for me.

However over the following months, Lisa did find my notes and I received a hug and a kiss each time… Result.

Luckily I had videoed myself making them so I edited the clips and made my first video for my Romantic Crafter YouTube channel. Hears a link to “How to make a Heart bookmark

So 5 months ago I started on my next project, a plaster of Paris pillow candle holder. Again my skill level was not as I imagined but I did have fun making it and Lisa again was pleased with my effort.

I say my skill level was not up to it, this was not in the making of the plaster pillow but how I decorated it. This was the first time I had used acrylic paint and things did not go to plan. Again check out my video “How I made a plaster of Paris pillow candle holder

This project only took me 4 months to complete ( I don’t think I was fully committed to this yet).

To bring us up to date I made a second video on “How to make a plaster pillow candle holder“. This is a tutorial, a cut-down version of the longer previous video. And I must admit I think it is a great idea for my YouTube channel, in that I make a full-length video showing my thoughts, techniques, and mistakes and then a shorter tutorial video.

And now I’ve started this Romantic Crafter website. To do the crafts, videos, and a website will take a lot of commitment and time but boy am I looking forward to this as a full-time (hopefully productive) hobby.

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