Why it’s taking so long for a new video

I’ve started a new video, but unfortunately, it is going to be at least 3 weeks in the making… possibly more!

I’m not sure I’m doing the right thing as it is not a crafting video for my wife but a bit of research over some confusion I had while making my romantic sharpie mug.

What’s wrong with me?

My problem is that I’ve read and seen different and conflicting information as to which type of pens I should have used and also what temperature to bake the mug at. And instead of saying “Oh well” and moving on to the next project, it’s bugging me and I want to know what is the best way to make a sharpie design on a mug.

Which is why I went on to make a post on sharpie pen mug mistakes, but even that is not enough to satisfy me. So, I’ve made an experiment to find which is the best pen to use and which temperature to bake them at.

I’ve got 3 mugs and Used both sharpie oil pens and “ordinary” sharpie markers on each of the mugs and then baked them separately at differing temperatures.

That was the quick part of the experiment, the next stage takes much longer. I want to see which sharpie design holds up best in the dishwasher… So that’s lots of cups of tea and a thorough wash in the dishwasher.

I want a minimum of 5 washes but preferably 20 before I make a video of my results, so like I said this video will be a long time in the making.

Time to get a move on.

The good news is that I’ve competed the first part of the experiment, where I’ve designed and baked the mugs, so now I guess I can get back on track and move on to my next romantic craft for Lisa… I nearly let on as to what it was going to be, but I think I’ll leave you in suspense so please come back in the future to find out what it will be.

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