Why I’ve not posted lately

I’ve not posted for some time and my excuses this time are:

I lost all my data

Yes really! All my research, templates, WordPress documents, images and other essential files that I need to run and add to my blog.

It was a tragedy… on of my hard drives on my computer just stopped working. It was a 3 terabyte disk with just about everything I keep on my computer. Most of the data can be replaced over time but I did lose all my wedding Photos (My wife still hasn’t forgiven me yet) and they are irreplaceable!

What have I learned?

Back up, back up, back up. As I’m writing this, I’m looking at my brand-new disk that I’ll be using solely for backing up my data and photos, I’ve also bought a USB stick for the really important folders and photos.

Real-life Work

I’m self-employed and after years of just having enough work to pay the bills, I’m suddenly busy… 12-hour days, 6 days a week! And all my spare time is doing odd jobs and getting in quality time with Lisa and the family. No time for crafting.

I’m been concentrating on YouTube.

I must admit I prefer to make videos instead of writing so I’ve been building up my lost YouTube resources before my blogging ones. The lost YouTube information is easier to re-find and make so I thought I’d get one platform fully working then the other instead of a mish-mash of the two.

I’ve been wasting my time

Update – I wrote this post a few days ago but I have not uploaded it because… I played computer games instead! (I’m my own worst enemy)


Am I back? Not as much as I’d like. Because of lack of time, I’m trying to complete 1 video per month but I would ideally like to make 1 per week, then if I have more time, I’ll write a blog for each of the videos. So far I’m behind 4 videos and not sure that I’ll catch up any time soon.

I guess I should have made a start instead of making this page… So I’ve got to go, I’m on a mission.

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