How I Made a Romantic Wine Bottle Painting

Romantic Wine Bottle Painting

DIY Wine bottle painting

Wine and romance go hand in hand and seeing as we both like a drink of wine, I thought I would place my next “I love you” message on a bottle of wine. This is how I went about making a romantic wine bottle painting.

I’m still a beginner at art and crafting and thought painting a wine bottle would be simple. It is simple but my imagination immediately made this project a little harder! I wanted to spray paint the bottle and wanted to add shading to my hearts. Still, I overcame these problems and made a great looking wine bottle design.

How to paint a wine bottle. Click here
How to remove wine bottle lables. Click here
Why use a Basecoat on glass. Click here
Painting on the bottle. Click here
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How to paint a wine bottle

I started with a new and full bottle of wine and looking at it I realized that the label would have to go, as they would spoil the lines of the paint.

How to remove wine bottle lables

How to remove wine bottle lables

In my time I have removed may lables from wine bottles, mainlr for wine making, and I have descovered that patience and time is the best way to remove lables from wine bottles.

Removing the labels was simple. I just left the bottle in a bucket of water overnight. In the morning the label was soaked all the way through to the glass and easily removed by scraping my finger-nails over it and finishing it off with a scouring pad.

Why use a Basecoat on glass

Once dry it was ready for a base paint layer. I decided that a basecoat was needed so that my design and love message would stand out. I wanted a smooth finish with no brush marks and so decided that if I used spray paint I would get the result I desired. It took 2 coats to fully cover the dark glass, and it looked great.

Note: On reflection, I could have just used a sponge to dab the paint on for a base layer and it would have done the job just as well.

Painting on the bottle

wine bottle painting

The image and idea I had in my mind was of a plain bottle with pink “clouds” then two-toned hearts overall and then my message in one of the hearts. Things didn’t quite go to plan.

Using acrylic paint and a sponge I made “clouds” then left them dry before moving on to the hearts. I was very pleased with the cloud layer.

Hearts and templates

It was the hearts that gave me problems. I should have kept things simple but my imagination exceeded my skill level. I knew that I wasn’t very good at drawing symmetrical hearts so decided that templates would make painting easy for me.

Luckily I did a test on an empty bottle first. My 1st attempt was to make a heart from masking tape then stick it to the bottle. I painted over it then remove the tape to leave a clear heart shape. However, when I pulled it off all the base paint also came with it showing the glass underneath… I needed a new plan.

painting hearts on wine bottle

I still thought I needed a template and came up with the idea of a paper one that would fully cover the bottle and stick it to itself with the close fit to keep it in place. This worked pretty well, it was a little slack but it would do. I then thought that if I painted from the paper onto the bottle that this would leave a good clean line.

It did, however, it also left brush marks in the paint… At the time I thought it looked a mess and something had to be done about it. After trying more templates I realized that I would have to finish them off freehand… Result! they looked great.

I was now getting confident with the painting and decided that I would also paint the “I love you” message in acrylic paint. It was difficult and a little scary to start with, but as I progressed the more confident I got. The result was OK, not neat but acceptable.

Did Lisa like the bottle?

Finished and I was very pleased with the result… Lisa would love it… And she did.

I was saving the bottle for a special occasion but unfortunately we wanted/needed a drink of wine but none could be found/ So I pulled out my painted wine bottle and gave it to Lisa.

Amazingly she said we could not open it because it looked so nice… so we didn’t for at least 1/2 hour. The empty wine bottle has now been replaced into the wine rack… I think Lisa liked it.

I do hope I have inspired you to have a go at crafting your own wine bottle painting.

I hope you have liked my tutorial on “How to paint a wine bottle“, for more romantic crafting ideas check out my next romantic message with an easy to make wire figure. Or you can find a list of all my Romantic crafting projects and crafting tips here

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