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Finished Sharpie Mug

Drawing on a mug is easy and makes a very original gift. In this Sharpie mug tutorial with regular sharpie pens, I show you how I made my romantic design using everyday Sharpie indelible pens, however, there were one or two problems that I came across and I ‘ll go into them below.

I first came across the idea that you could make a DIY Sharpie Cup when I saw an image of one on Pinterest and instantly knew that Lisa would love a cup with a romantic message on it… And also a perfect project for the Romantic Crafter as I already had the materials and tools needed.

Sharpie mug instructions. Click here
How to make a stencil. Click here
Making your sharpie design on a cup. Click here
What temperature to bake a sharpie mug at.
Was the Sharpie mug a success?. Click here

Unfortunately, I did minimum research on the subject before starting and it was only after I had completed drawing my design with these permanent markers that I found that I had made a major mistake… I had used the wrong type of sharpie!

The Sharpies that I use were the common permanent markers found commonly in most stores. They worked well on the mug and baked on well in the oven, but I found out that they would wash off in the dishwasher, so I must be careful when washing my mug by hand.

The pens I should have used that would be dishwasher safe are Sharpie oil pens. They are linked here if you wish to see the ones I should have used ( I have now bought them myself).

That being said my mug should keep its sharpie design if it is only washed in the sink. You can find a more in depth post on my Sharpie mug mistakes here

Sharpie mug instructions

Since my first project where I wrote like a child on a Love heart bookmark, I’m not that confident of writing on the mug freehand…Yet! so I decided to make a stencil so that the finished design would be neat and a little more grown-up looking.

How to make a stencil of the design

First I printed out the design I wanted from the computer (best place for text and ideas). I made different sizes of my design and place each on the cup to find which size was the best fitting.

Making a stencil

Then I flipped the paper over and being able to see the print through the paper accurately traced the reverse of the image with a soft pencil.

Next, I covered the mug with masking tape then stuck my design paper over the masking tape with the pencil lines touching the tape. I then scribbled over the design making sure that I covered every inch of the pencil line below. After removing the paper it revealed a pencil copy of the design on the masking tape.

Using a sharp blade I cut along these lines to completely cut out my letters and then the fun part… Removing the unwanted tape. This was one of the most satisfying thing I’ve done for ages, it comes close to popping bubble wrap!

Making your sharpie design on a cup

Making a sharpie mug

Finally, I can start putting colour onto the cup.  Using Sharpie pens I dotted all around the stencil with the majority of dots concentrated near the template edge and the further away from the template the sparser they got.

I later found that it is best to use darker colours as the lighter ones disappeared in the oven, but experiment yourself to find the best colours that suit you.

When you think you have finished… make more dots! as you need the edges to be clearly defined and while mine looked good they could have been better.

Drum roll, please… Now is the moment of reveal we get to take the last of the tape off showing the finished design. So carefully pick the tape off without smudging the sharpie dots (you don’t want to ruin your work at this stage!).

What temperature to bake a sharpie mug at.

Oven settings for sharpie mug

If you are happy with the result of your penmanship it’s time to bake the design onto the cup. With the oven cold, place the cup on a tray and put it in the oven.  Set the oven to max temperature (that’s 220 degrees Centigrade on my oven) and leave for 45 minutes. This gives you 15 minutes of warming time and 30 minutes at full temperature. After 45 minutes turn the oven off but leave the cup inside to go cold this will prevent the glaze from cracking.

Finished Sharpie Mug

Take your cup out of the oven when it is cold and there you have it… finished. Hopefully, it looks as good baked as it did before it went in the oven.  I must admit mine went paler and even some of the dots had disappeared. But I was still very happy with the result.

Was the Sharpie mug a success?

This Sharpie mug made using regular sharpie pend is definitely a success. I like it and Lisa loves it (See her reaction when I gave it to her here) and it is now her favorite cup.

But is could be better! I go into my Sharpie mug beginner mistakes here, but to high light them they are that I didn’t dot enough, I used the wrong pens and because of that this mug is not dishwasher safe.

I hope I have inspired you to make your own Sharpie mug design and get as much satisfaction from it as I have.

Please let me know below in the comments below if you have designed your own cup and how it went on.

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